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Professional SLAA Pre-taped Masking film Techniques

Selection: Make it easy on yourself
Click to down load the Pre-taped Masking film Application(点此下载)
6 questions to make SLAA Pre-taped masking film selection as easy as follows:
1.What is your application to the masking surface?
2.To what temperature will the tape and film be exposed during use?
3.How many days will be remove the masking film and tapes?
4.Do you need maximum holding power of adhesive tapes during use?
5.Do you need maximum paint edge sharpness when the tape is removed?
6.Do you want to remove the tape without slivering and adhesive residue?

High Temperature Masking with Crepe Paper tapes:


Paint spray Masking with Japanese paper tape

Outdoor Masking with 70mesh Masking Cloth Tape
It is a very popular products that Masker with UV Resistant Cloth Tape (Green)
70mesh Masking Cloth Tape
PE coated UV-Stabilized performance cloth tape with a rubber based adhesive.
Use for Masking tape: Clean removal for long period without residue. Easy tear and unwinding.
Waterproof backing, Excellent holding power.
Excellent initial tack & adhesive power at low and high temperature.



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