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Camouflage Cloth Tape and Olive Green Military Cloth Tape

CLOTH Tape, Camouflage Cloth Tape No.80S-CAM

Camouflage tape is premium grade 80 mesh cloth tape. This products is an excellent item that creating a great sensation among survival gamers (simulated compact game) as well as reinforcement for military cloth tape, climbing cloth tape, camping cloth tape and hunting cloth tape.

Olive Green Military Cloth Tape No.80S-MI is a high performance, waterproof packaging and sealing duct tape used for military and aerospace packaging and other demanding applications. It can also be used for media blast protection & surface masking and for other challenging repair, bundling and seaming applications (such as tarps). Olive Green Military Cloth Tape benefits include: high tensile strength; extremely conformable; crisp, straight tear; moisture. 

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