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Rubber Adhesive Duct Tape

Rubber Adhesive Duct Tape


Duct tape, sometimes called duck tape, is cloth backing coated Rubber adhesive layer, often coated with PE on cloth surface.

Duct tape that is suited for many applications in different fields. However, any duct tape should possess some important features: in this article, we deepen the qualities of the best duct tape.

Duct tape has become over time an important ally in many DIY applications: from the fixing and repairing of any kind of object to the sealing of holes and leaks, this tape is suitable for endless applications. Despite the wide range of uses that duct tape covers, we can easily identify some qualities that cannot lack in the duct tape.

Good tensile strength
To ensure good results in temporary mounting, fixing and repairing, the best duct tapes perform an excellent resistance to mechanical stress. This quality is given by the backing of the tape that, in a good duct tape, is realized with synthetic materials. One of the most used is polyethylene, which possesses a high impact strength and strong creep, features that let it warp without breaking.

Excellent adhesion power
Duct tape is known for its long lasting ability to stick strongly on the surface it is applied to. This is for sure its most precious quality, the one that makes it so efficient in repairing applications. In order to guarantee an excellent adhesion power, the best duct tapes are made with Rubber adhesives.

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