Why the Natural Rubber Adhesive Cloth Tape is True That Gaffers Tape?


Natural Rubber Adhesive basic Gaffers tape:

Natural rubber adhesives are characterized by their extremely long polymer chains which allows the natural rubber to be very flexible, even at low temperatures. The long polymer chains also create the strength of the natural rubber adhesive.

The Advantage of Natural Rubber Adhesive Gaffers tape:

Excellent peel adhesion to non-polar and polar surfaces.

High initial tack (immediate peel adhesion).

Residue-free removability after application.

Synthetic rubber adhesive basic cloth tape:

When we talking about synthetic rubber adhesive cloth tape, manufacturers often tell you these terms spoken of: SBS, SIS, Hot Melt, or SEBS. That is why a synthetic rubber adhesive is often referred to as a " Hot Melt " adhesive.

The disadvantage of synthetic rubber adhesive cloth tape:

Can’t keep excellent initial tack and peel adhesion at low temperatures.

No residue-free removability after application.

So SLAA gaffers tape uses the natural rubber adhesive, can ensure the adhesive effect under the low temperature.

Black matte finish Gaffers tape             Colored gaffers tape


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