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Butt splicing tape No.204B is a single-sided repulpable splicing tape, with a liner consisting of a flat-back paper and a modified water soluble acrylic adhesive.

Butt splicing tape features a strong, extensible, flat paper backing that can withstand the rigors of the printing environment. The backing is engineered for optimum strength for splicing, tabbing and roll closing. It offers high shear strength and is coated with a high-tack, blue, repulpable adhesive designed to bond to heavy grades of paper.

Butt splice tapes are used for butt splicing on papers, films and foils. The splice tapes performs well at higher temperatures and is available in both blue and white.

Butt splicing tape with liner is suitable for automatic core starters, slitters, rewinders, sheeters, rereelers and winders.

Butt Splicing Tape

Splicing Tape Application

Core starting

Roll closing


Temporary splicing of variety grades of paper

Thread-up applications at the off-machine coater

Tapes Features

  • Strong, conformable backing makes tape ideal for splicing, tabbing and roll closing applications on a wide variety of papers.
  • High-tack, heat-resistant adhesive provides instant adhesion to a wide variety of paper grades.
  • Excellent heat resistance (up to 150°C) makes this an ideal choice for web processing.
  • Strong Backing Provides Reliable and Exceptional Performance.
Butt Splice Tape

Tape Construction

Total thickness 110 µm (4.3mils).

Backing material flat paper.

Type of adhesive repulpable tackified acrylic.

Type of liner repulpable siliconised paper.

Properties / Performance





Ball Tack:

No.10 over

Holding power:

180 sec over

38mm x 50m


50mm x 50m