Colored Packing Tape

Colored Packing Tape No.80DT is premium grade cloth tape at reasonable price. Colored tape for packing is a Multiple colors available Duct tape, mainly used in packing and sealing. This coloured packing tape has outstanding adhesion power, keeping the merit of easy to tear and good performance in Ducting, Fixing and Labeling for different colors.

  • Introduction


Ducting, Bundling, Holding, Packing, Repairing, Securing, Labeling.




Excellent initial tack & adhesion power at low and high temperature.

Excellent holding power.

Easy to tear and unwind.

Suitable adhesion value for rough surface & outdoor works wide variety of colors.


Available Colors

Black / White / Red / Green / Yellow / Blue / Light green / Silver


Roll Size

50mm x 25m     @30Rolls/Carton

2” x 18 yds      @30 Rolls/Carton


Colored Packing Tape Technical Data

Total thickness ( mm )                   0.34

Peel adhesion ( N/10mm )               3.63

Rewinding force (N/10mm )              2.7

Tensile strength ( N/10mm )              66.6

Ball tack ( cm / Ball No. 20 )               27

Temperature resistance 1h/℃             –35 / up to +90

Storage life ( 20℃ / 60% )                12 months


Colored Packing Tape Structure



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