D/S Reflective Aluminum Foil Insulation DFR-101B

Flame-retardant CM Grade Foil Insulation. It is made from 2 outer layers of pure aluminum foil and 1 layer F/R Kraft paper. These layers are bonded together with F/R Glue and reinforced with 2-way fiberglass scrim. It is ideally used as sarking and insulation under roofs, in walls behind cladding or under timber floors, for […]

  • Introduction

Radiant Barriers and Reflective Insulation Systems

Double side insulation systems, as Radiant barriers and Reflective insulation work by reflecting radiant heat. D/S Reflective Aluminum foil Radiant barriers are installed outside the Glass wool, Rock wool, mineral wool, foam insulation materials. It is excellent as radiant barriers, flame retardant and vapor barriers can reduce energy loss costs 5% to 10%.


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