Does Gaffers tape leave residual?


Does Gaffers tape leave residual?

The Gaffers tape less adhesive residual after removed.

The type of adhesive used in a tape is a critical determining factor in any masking situation.


There are 3 main types of adhesives coating on tapes:

Rubber based adhesive: 

Good Initial tack, bad low temperature resistant, less adhesive residual after removed.

Acrylic based adhesive:

Moderate Initial tack, good adhesion at low temperature, less adhesive residual after removed.

Silicone based adhesive:

Bad initial tack, good high temperature resistance.


Gaffers tape use to production crews in television, motion pictures, concerts, and live shows, to tape down cables and other short-term set-ups. It is also used when an immediate unplanned solution is needed, from briefly fastening equipment or props to repairing a broken production fixture. So the Gaffers tape important advantages are good Initial tack and less adhesive residual.


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