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Flexographic printing tape provide superior adhesion to “difficult-to-adhere-to” surfaces such as plastic films, polycoated paper and boards, and other low-energy surfaces. When splicing of film webs during high-speed flexo printing applications, flexographic printing tape offering maximum efficiency in web preparation time. It also reduces waste on thinner films that are more tension sensitive.

In flexible packaging industry, flying splice tapes for the critical and sensitive film qualities during automatic roll changes. Flexographic printing tape improves performance on the smooth films that are capable of gliding, and are designed for smooth processing at the highest of speeds on “form, fill and seal” systems.

Splicing Tape Advantages:

  • Slit liner for the secure fixation of the top sheet.
  • Adhesive formulation with very high tack properties for excellent contact between expiring web and new reel.
  • Two splitting strips with paper backing for a smooth opening of the new paper reel without jeopardizing the coating process.

Splicing Tape Application:

  • Paper printing flying splice tape.
  • High-speed splicing tape for paper and film materials.
  • Flexographic printing flying splice tape.
  • Web printing flying splice tape.
  • Label and narrow web splicing tape.

Tape Structure:

Tape Technical Data:


High adhesion adhesive


Heat resistant paper


Slitting Glassine paper

Tape Thickness

120±5 um

Separatable Layer

110 um to 120 um

Tape color


Tack at 25℃


Splicing speed


Heat Resistance

-20℃-100 ℃