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Blue painters tape and Yellow painters tape are designed to be relatively strong adhesion. They are especially in focus on the no bleed painting result.

Green painters tape is built for jobs that demand an extra-gentle tape for use on application surfaces that are delicate and easily damaged. When use green painters tape on painted drywall, freshly painted walls. This low adhesion painters masking tape has a gentle adhesive that can stay on surfaces for up to 90 days and then removes easily without leaving any sticky residue behind.

Painters Tape Green

The difference between blue tape and green tape

  • The biggest difference in painting walls between a delicate surface green painters tape and blue painters tape is the adhesion level.
  • Blue painters tape usually offer medium to medium-high adhesion, depending on the grade of tape that you choose.
  • Delicate surface green tapes, on the other hand, are built with low adhesion to ensure that they can be removed without damage.


Tape Application

  • SLAA painters tape comes in different grades, from medium adhesion to low adhesion. The kind of room you’re painting, the surface type and other factors can make a big difference in your results. 
  • Green painters tape for wall is designed for indoor painting application on the most sensitive surfaces, such as wallpapers, plaster and fresh paints.
  • To paint patterns in different colors on one wall, textured surface and pre-cut repeating patterns. You need green tape masking fresher paints.

What is green painters tape used for?

Green painters tape used for surfaces that require a little extra care. This delicate surface painters tape should be consider for use on any surface that is more susceptible to damage than standard drywall. These include:

Freshly painted surfaces, Faux finishes, Primed wallboard, Wallpaper, Laminate flooring, Delicate trim.

Tapes Features

Thickness: Extra thin

Adhesive: Water based Acrylic

Adhesion: Low

Color: Green

Removal: Indoor painting masking clean removal for up to 90 days

Temp. Resistant: Up to 60°C

Conformable: Excellent

Clean line: Excellent

Days clean removal: Green painters tape assures a clean and easy removal up to 90 days. It is mean max 90 days you can leave painters tape on wall.

Low tack adhesion: Green painters tape has a low adhesion level that tends to remove quickly and remove reliably.

After painting, remove the tape slowly at a 45-degree angle while the paint is still wet. It is without leaving any residue on the application surface or peeling of the substrate.

Conformable: Flexible extra thin Washi paper backing, excellent conformable.

Technical Data Sheet

  • Total Thickness: 75 µm
  • MD tensile strenght: 30 N/cm
  • MD elongation at break: 3.5%
  • Adhesion to steel plate: 0.45N/cm
  • Service temperature: up to 60°C
Green Tape for Painting

Regular Packing

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