Heat-Sealing Alum.-Glass Cloth Facing AGE-1812

FACING COMPOSITION Composition Description Value (English) Value (Metric) Foil Aluminum 0.72 mil 18 micron Adhesive F/R Glue 0.4 mil 10 micron Glass cloth 8×8 mesh/cm 558 lbs / 3000 ft2 90 gsm Heat-activated coating Polyethylene 15 mil 37.5 micron     TYPICAL PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Physical properties Test Method Value (English) Value (Metric) Basis weight Scale […]

  • Introduction

A premium grade Heat-Sealing Alum.Glass Cloth Facing, tough and durable. It consists of 18u aluminum foil, 8×8 mesh/cm glass cloth as well as heat-activated polyethylene on its back. Suitable for in-line heating lamination with insulation materials. No need applying extra adhesive. Good abrasion and corrosion resistance.


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