House Painting Masker is Hand-Masker Masking Tape Film.

Paint Handy Masker offers paint contractors a combination of ease and comfort when prepping interior and exterior paint jobs. This Paint Masker offers several features that make covering large surface areas both quick and easy:

Comfort: Paintging Hand-Masker Pre-Folded Masking Film Plus grip handle with thumb rest improves balance and makes masking more comfortable.

Ease: House Painting Hand Masker blade adjustment easily slides to the desired masking tape width, with no need to remove the blade.

Durability: Paint Masker high-impact frame helps prevent the masker from breaking if dropped.

Protection: Paint Handy Masker blade safety shield features a flexible hinge so that the masking film or paper is still easily cut. The blade support reinforcing rib also results in cleaner cuts with less flex of the blade.

Convenience: Painting Handy Masker holster attaches to your belt to free both hands, and provides a safe and secure place to store the masker when it is not in use.

Hand-Masker Film material: HDPE

Hand-Masker Film Color: White

Hand-Masker Film Size:

Product Code

Size Width X Length

Thickness mic



450mm X 269m


2 Roll / box


900mm X 180m


2Roll / box