Gaffer Tape No.80GT

Matte finished Gaffers Tape

Colored Gaffers Tape is manufactured in many colors, including fluorescent and custom colors. Colored Gaffers tape is a single-faced adhesive tape of polyethylene (PE) laminated spun rayon cloth backing which is coated by rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA). The various colored Gaffers tape’s surface is matte-finished, and diffuses light reflection.

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Colored Gaffer tape use for Film & television production, and also use for theatre, concerts, live shows. So it’s also named Gaff tape, Stage tape.

In Film Industry, Production crews in television, motion pictures, concerts, and live shows, use Colored Gaffers tape to fix cables, carpets and other short-term set-ups.

On stages, using Black Matte gaffer tape can provide black edges to tables, chairs, and other props; it can be used to hide cables from the view of the audience or camera; and soften clattering noises of shoes on stage; and it is used to fasten props on shelves in a moving set.



Has a matte backing to prevent light reflection;

Is designed for temporary adhesion applications;

Can be removed cleanly without damage or adhesive residue;

Available in a selection of colors to blend effortlessly into background:


Colored Gaffers Tape Available Colors

Matte Black:

Matte White

Matte Red

Matte Yellow

Matte Silver / Matte Grey

Matte Blue

Matte Green

Matte Pink

Matte Orange

Matte Beige


Matte Gaffer Tape Roll Size

25mm x 25m     @60Rolls/Carton

50mm x 25m     @30Rolls/Carton


1” x 18 yds      @60 Rolls/Carton

2” x 18 yds      @30 Rolls/Carton


Matte Gaffer Tape Technical Data

Total thickness ( mm )                   0.3

Peel adhesion ( kg/25mm )               0.8

Rewinding force ( kg/50mm )              4

Tensile strength ( kg/25mm )              16

Holding power ( 25mm x 25mm / 40℃ )     60mins

Ball tack ( cm / Ball No. 20 )               10

Temperature resistance 1h/℃             –35 / up to +90

Storage life ( 20℃ / 60% )                12 months





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