Pre-folded Drop Sheet Roll

Multi-folded drop sheet

Prevents paint from flaking

Self static cling film

Static & corona treated film for non paint flaking work

Easy application for automotive refinish work to save labor cost & time

For masking non-painted area painting for vehicle and automotive refinish work

  • Introduction

Pre Folded Masking Drop Film

Pre Folded Drop Sheet Masking System is Translucent pre-folded, high density, non porous polyethylene film for paint masking and paint overspray protection.

The extra strength film resists paint penetration and is treated to be paint flake resistant. It is designed to cling to most surfaces and fit into common masking film applicators. This can be used in conjunction with the future protect range of masking tapes and films.

Pre-folded Drop Film is a tough, flexible, self-adhesive plastic film that covers openings caused by collision, vandalism or disassembly. This weather barrier film with Ultraviolet Inhibitors prevents damage caused by sunlight. It does not leave a residue after removal from the car body

Excellent for multi-coat paint, lacquers, automotive, marine & industrial coatings. Suitable for exterior and interior paint and spray applications. Can be used as a dust sheet to cover surfaces during painting & plastering. Designed for heavy duty applications requiring an extra strength high density film thickness.

Masking Drop Film Size:

Product Code


Carton Qty


610mm X 54m



1210mm X 54m



1810mm X 27m



2410mm X 27m



Masking Drop Film Material: 12 micron thickness, HDPE, LDPE

Masking Drop Film Color: Translucent


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