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Repulpable Flying Splice Tape Advantages:

Slit liner for the secure fixation of the top sheet.

Adhesive formulation with very high tack properties for excellent contact between expiring web and new reel.

Two splitting strips with paper backing for a smooth opening of the new paper reel without jeopardizing the coating process.

Structure of Splicing Tape No.204D:

Repulpable Flying Splice Tape

Structure of Splicing Tape No.204S:

Structure of Splicing Tape No.204S

Repulpable Flying Splice Tape Technical Data


Water soluble Modified Acrylic Adhesive


60g/㎡ Repulpable Paper


90g/㎡ Slitting Silicone coated paper

Tape Thickness

110±5 um

Separatable Layer

110 um to 120 um

Tape color


Ball tack at 25℃

Ball No.11

Adhesion to Steel:


Heat Resistance

150 ℃