Repulpable splicing tapes used at paper mills, newspapers, web printers to join 2 rolls of materials to increase the length or provide continuity of substrate. So the repulpable tapes also named splice tapes or repulpable splice tape.


Repulpable Splicing Tapes including:


Single-Side Repulpable Splice Tape

General purpose tape for manual splice roll changes and fixing roll ends.

butt splices, core starting, end taping.


Double-Side Repulpable Splicing Tape

Used in overlap splicing, flying splices, manual splices, core starting, and roll finishing applications.


Repulpable Flying Splice Tape

Slit liner for the secure fixation of the top sheet, double-sided tape with very high tack properties for secure splicing at high speed.


Non-Repulpable Flying Splice Tape

Splice the rolls of the “difficult-to-adhere-to” surfaces such as plastic films, polycoated paper and boards, and other low-energy surfaces.

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