Spike Tape Appliances

Spike tape is phosphors on the surface. So it also called Fluorescent tape or Phosphorescent tape. And matte-finished, diffuses light reflection.




Spike tape normally cut to 1" or 1/2" narrow rolls, narrow stick and easy tear by hand.

Spike tape use for a Labeling Tape on Light Control Board, DJ Mixing Board, Audio Mixer. It is also called DJ tape. It helps DJ mark where certain tracks, or certain parts of the track start. 




Some sound crews use spike tape to fasten radio microphone belt packs to the actor’s back; other sound crews use spike tape to secure the positions of microphone stands. The spike tape use for marking the microphone. Different actors easily and quickly identify which microphone they should use in the dark light environment.



Spike tape use for a Film & television production or Stage tape, as a marking around the stage. The Film crew or Stage management team usually use two pieces of tape laid in an "X" shape. This marking is used to show the correct position for set pieces, furniture, actors and other items which move during the course of a performance and are required to stop or be placed in a specific location.




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