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Splittable flying splice tape is a Repulpable double sided tape made with splittable paper backing.


What does SPLITTABLE mean?

The tape backing is laminated repulpable paper.

It will separate in 2 single coated tapes. This special splitting layer for consistent splicing at high speeds. 

Splittable flying splice tape is designed for high speed splicing, core starting and end tabbing applications in the paper and board industry. It is especially suitable for high grammage paper grades and board. It is also use for a wide range of paper weights in manual and automatic splicing equipment during high speed splicing conditions.

Splittable Flying Splice Tape for Repulpable Splicing


  • Special splittable backing consistent splicing at high speed.
  • Splitting force especially adjusted to high grammage paper and board.
  • Very low deviation of the splitting force.
  • Very good adhesion even on rough surfaces.
  • High initial tack.
  • Fully repulpable (pH3 –pH9).
  • Excellent heat resistance up to 150°C.


  • Core starting

    Also compatible with automatic dispensers.

  • End tabbing

    The splittable backing allows (semi-) automatic roll opening.

  • Flying splice

    Manual and automatic splicing equipment during high speed splicing conditions.

Repulpable Double Sided Tape


  • Liner: Yellow Silicone coated paper
  • Adhesive: Repulpable Acrylic
  • Separatable layer Backing: Repulpable paper
  • Adhesive: Repulpable Acrylic
Splittable Flying Splice Tape Structure



 120g/㎡ PE Laminated,Silicone coated paper.


  Blue color Repulpable Acrylic adhesive.

Separatable layer Backing

  Repulpable paper.

Tape thickness


Ball tack

 Ball No.10



Temperature resistance