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Splittable Flying Splice Tape splits into two single-sided tapes — a process made visible by the independently tinted under laminate and over laminate. In order to best identify the splice components, the tape splits into a blue layer and a clear layer. It has a fiber-free construction, which eliminates the possibility of small pieces of tape or butterfly tabs breaking off or sticking to the rollers or CI drum. The tape lays flat for improved handling and clean splicing. Additionally, it utilizes film, which is far more reliable than paper-based splicing tapes.

The high performance adhesive designed for film splicing. Engineered splitting layer for consistent splicing at high speeds. Splittable flying splice tape is faster, and more efficient because there is less time lost due to web breaks. Other splicing tapes requires glue and tabs in order to use. With these tapes, a missed splice could mean glue on the rollers and more down time.

Excellent choice for flying splices at higher speeds.

Optimizes adhesion on your most challenging substrates.

Reduces fiber contamination and tab debris.

Saves you clean up time and money.

Recommended Splicing Applications:

  • Flexographic printing.
  • Film processing.
  • Film lamination and converting.

Tape Technical Data:

Release Liner Silicone coated Glassine paper
Adhesive High adhesion adhesive
Backing PET film
Separatable Layer 70㎛
Tape thickness 70±5㎛
Tape color Blue
Tack 20-25N/25mm
Application temperature 250 ℃
Elongation at break 6%
Width(mm) 19mm to 100mm
Length(m) 50m

Splittable Flying Splice Tape Splits into two Single-sided tapes