What are the various types of HVAC tape adhesive?


Rubber-resin Adhesive:It is synthetic rubber adhesive systems. The synthetic rubber adhesive alone does not posses any adhesive properties, and must be combined with tackifier resins to create a PSA.  

Rubber-resin Adhesive will be offer good tack and adhesion to a variety of surfaces, but will not perform well in colder temperatures.

Rubber-resin Adhesive will be low aging stability, low environmental resistance to UV, Ozone and humidity.


Acrylic Adhesive:It is industrially manufactured, and thus can be manipulated based on the selection of the monomers used in the formulation.

Acrylic adhesive will be offer good tack and adhesion to width range of temperature (from -30 degrees to 120 degrees ).

Acrylic adhesive will be good aging stability, high resistance to UV, ozone and humidity, best useful in long-term, outdoor applications.


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