What is splice tape?


Splice tapes are used to make a paper manufacturing process continual, joining the end of a jumbo roll of paper to the beginning of a new jumbo roll, or other jumbo roll material. This helps avoids valuable down time rethreading the new roll through the machine or press.

Splice tapes used for performing flying splices, manual splices, core starting, and roll finishing applications.

Single-side Repulpable Splice Tape
General purpose tape for manual splice roll changes and fixing roll ends.
Butt splices, Core starting, End taping.

Double-side Repulpable Splicing Tape
Used in Overlap splicing, flying splices, manual splices, core starting, and roll finishing applications.

Repulpable Flying Splice Tape
Slit liner for the secure fixation of the top sheet, double-sided tape with very high tack properties for secure splicing at high speed.

Non-repulpable Flying Splice Tape
Splice the rolls of the “difficult-to-adhere-to” surfaces such as plastic films, polycoated paper and boards, and other low-energy surfaces.



What is splicing tape made of?

Splicing Tapes include Single-side Repulpable Splicing Tape, Double-side Repulpable Splicing Tape, Repulpable Flying Splice Tape, Non-repulpable F....

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Splice Tape Appliances

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How to use splice tape?

Repulpable double-sided integrated flying splice tape is high speed coater that consisting of Repulpable Paper and coated modified water soluble a....