Why is gaffers tape so expensive?


The reason for the high price of the Gaffers tape is that the Cloth backing material and the adhesive layer require a special process. The gaffers tape is made with a coated cloth backing and a rubber-based adhesion system.


Gaffers tape cloth backing coated with special powder with PE coating that has a matte backing to prevent light reflection. Because it has a PE coated backing, gaffer’s tapes are barrier properties in the coated cloth backing does make gaffer’s tape moisture resistant in most cases. This means that while gaffer’s tape is also a good choice for waterproofing applications, it is suitable in humidity and moist environments.


The adhesive on gaffer’s tape is less adhesive residual than duct tape after removed, making it a good choice for temporary jobs. How to make it can be removed cleanly without damage or adhesive residue? It coated with Removable Rubber adhesive.


Rubber adhesives are characterized by their extremely long polymer chains which allows the natural rubber to be very flexible, even at low temperatures. The long polymer chains also create the strength of the rubber adhesive. 


So the Gaffers tape adhesive has excellent peel adhesion to non-polar and polar surfaces. Gaffer tapes have high immediate peel adhesion, high initial tack, residue-free removability after application.


Features of Gaffers Tape

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