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SLAA are Adhesive tape Converter and Supplier from China. We supply Packing tape, Double side tape, Cloth tape, Duct Tape, Masking tape and Aluminum foil tape for HVAC insulation sealing. SLAA are constantly bringing new products to market and help customers choose the right tape for the job. Such as Gaffers tape, Repulpable splicing tape, PE cloth masking tape, Washi tape.


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What is Gaffers Tape used for ?

What is Gaffers Tape used for ?

Gaffers tapes use for Film & television production, and also use for theatre, concerts, live shows. So it’s also named Gaff tapes, Stage……

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What is the difference between Green,Yellow and Blue painters tape?

1.Painters Tape Paper Backing While both Green, blue and yellow painters tapes are coating Water-based acrylic adhesive. Blue painters t……

How long can you leave Blue painters tape on?

To know exactly how long you can leave your blue painters tape on the surface and still produce clean lines, look at the label. SLAA blu……

What is Core Starting Tape?

Core starting tape are used in milling and printing operations to fix rolls of materials to paper cores. These tapes secure paper to th……

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