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Colored Gaffers Tape is a strange name to most people, though people have often heard of it. Sometimes it be named Gaffer tape or Gaff tape. Gaffers tape is designed so that when removed it does not damage the material or leave behind any residue. Another advantage of Gaffers tape is that unlike duct tape, it can withstand temperatures as high as 93 degrees Celsius without melting.

This specialty tape is made out of heavy cotton cloth, and has a similar look and feel to duct tape. Gaffers tape’s backing is PE laminated spun rayon cloth. The adhesive is natural rubber based PSA. It has a matte finish, which helps to prevent it from reflecting light and causing distractions on set.

Gaffer tape is commonly used in the entertainment industry for stage, film, and television productions, and is preferred in this industry for its matte finish that does not reflect light or interfere with visuals. It useful for marking out areas or equipment on set, identifying cables, labeling props, and other similar tasks.

Due to its particular application, Colored gaffers tape has particularly rich colors to choose from. For example, Hollywood expendables, Studio depot, Expendable Supplies for Film, Video and TV productions, Prop suppliers use Beige gaffers tape to fixing the cargos.

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