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SLAA are Adhesive tape Converter and Supplier from China. We supply Packing tape, Double side tape, Cloth tape, Duct Tape, Masking tape and Aluminum foil tape for HVAC insulation sealing. SLAA are constantly bringing new products to market and help customers choose the right tape for the job. Such as Gaffers tape, Repulpable splicing tape, PE cloth masking tape, Washi tape.


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What is Butt Splicing Tape?

What is Butt Splicing Tape?

  Butt splicing tape is a single side splicing tape that used in milling and printing operations to splicing of the rolls. The bu……

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What is Splice Tape?

Splice tapes are used to make a paper manufacturing process continual, joining the end of a jumbo roll of paper to the beginning of a ne……

What you need to know to select the right Air conditioner duct tape?

Central air conditioner ducts are often routed through unconditioned zones in the building. Metal duct conveying cool, conditioned air t……

Gaffers tape vs. Duct tape vs. Masking tape

Gaffers tape and Duct tape are both types of Cloth adhesive tapes, They are easy hand tear cloth backing coated Rubber adhesives.

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