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SLAA are Adhesive tape Converter and Supplier from China. We supply Packing tape, Double side tape, Cloth tape, Duct Tape, Masking tape and Aluminum foil tape for HVAC insulation sealing. SLAA are constantly bringing new products to market and help customers choose the right tape for the job. Such as Gaffers tape, Repulpable splicing tape, PE cloth masking tape, Washi tape.


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Features of Aluminum Foil Duct Tape

Is Aluminum foil duct tape heat resistant? SLAA Aluminum foil tape usually coating water-based acrylic adhesive, Solvent-based acrylic a……

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Why is Gaffers Tape so Expensive?

The reason for the high price of the Gaffers tape is that the Cloth backing material and the adhesive layer require a special process. T……

Can Aluminum Duct Tape Withstand High Temp?

Aluminum duct tape is pressure sensitive adhesive tape. When applied the tape, we usually wrapping or sticking the tape on the duct subs……

How to use Splice Tape?

Repulpable double-sided integrated flying splice tape is high speed coater that consisting of Repulpable Paper and coated modified water……

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