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Double sided adhesive tape (D/S tape) is a roll of carrier material double side coated with adhesive, attached with release paper liner for unwound application. Most of the adhesive are PSA (Pressure sensitive adhesive). The D/S tape does not need heat, wetting, or any other element, but only simple pressure for its adhesion to a surface.


2 Type of Double Side Tape Structure


Double sided adhesive tape with 1 liner: the adhesive is coated on both sides of the backing and one side with liner. The liner is usually made of silicone release paper.



Various of Backing materials

Non-Woven double side tape,

Washi double side tape,

Tissue double side tape,

Repulpable double side tape,

PET double side tape,

PE form tape,

Cloth double side tape,

Aluminum foil double side tape,

No backing double side tape.


Various of Adhesive

Hot melt adhesive (synthetic rubber base),

Solvent-based adhesive (natural rubber base),

Water-based acrylic adhesive,

Solvent-based acrylic adhesive,

Repulpable adhesive (water solution).

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