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Glass Cloth Tape Features:

Glass cloth backing: The tape is made of a woven glass fabric that offers excellent strength and dimensional stability. The glass cloth provides rigidity and can withstand high mechanical stress.

Heat resistance: Glass cloth tape is highly resistant to heat and can withstand elevated temperatures without losing its structural integrity. It is commonly used in applications where heat insulation and protection are required.

Electrical insulation: Due to its high dielectric strength and resistance to electrical conductivity, glass cloth tapes are often used for electrical insulation purposes. It can be applied to wires, cables, and other electrical components to provide insulation and protection against short circuits or electrical arcing.

Flame resistance: Glass cloth tapes has inherent flame-resistant properties, making it suitable for applications where fire safety is a concern. It does not support combustion or contribute to the spread of flames.

Chemical resistance: The glass cloth backing provides resistance to many chemicals, oils, solvents, and other corrosive substances. This makes glass cloth tapes suitable for use in environments where exposure to such substances is expected.

Glass Cloth Tape Applications:

Electrical and electronics: It is used for insulation, wrapping of coils, and securing cables in high-temperature environments.

Aerospace and aviation: Glass cloth tapes are employed for aircraft wiring harnesses, insulation, and repairs in areas subjected to high temperatures.

Automotive: It is used for wire harnesses, engine compartment insulation, and other heat protection purposes.

Industrial manufacturing: Glass cloth tapes are utilized in applications such as insulation of pipes, ducts, and ovens, as well as for machinery repairs and maintenance.

Technical Data:

Model Carrier Adhesive Roll size Adhesion N/25mm Elongation % Temperature resistant°C
Material Color Thickness mm Roll size
832-16 Glass Cloth White Synthetic PSA 0.16 5-1020mmx30m 8.5 5 260
832-18 Glass Cloth White Synthetic PSA 0.18 5-1020mmx30m 9 5 260
832-20 Glass Cloth White Synthetic PSA 0.20 5-1020mmx30m 9 5 260
S832 Fiberglass cloth White Synthetic PSA 0.20 5-500mmx30m 8 5 200
833-25 Fiberglass cloth Heat resistant Beige Synthetic PSA 0.23 5-1040mmx30m 9 28 260