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HVAC tape is Aluminum foil tape use to sealing and wrapping the HVAC ducts.

What are the HVAC ducts included?


HVAC Aluminum Foil Tape

H: Heating

Hot water baseboard hydronic system Pipeline, Geothermal system pipeline. HVAC tape use to wrap the insulation materials of Heating pipeline. The Aluminum foil backing will be good at heat and light reflectance.

V: Ventilation

Ventilation ducts, Dryer vent, Range hood ducts, Air ducts. It is used to seal and seam each of the components of above ducts system together, including the air handler, connections, rigid and flex duct, sheet metal, and other materials.

AC: Air Conditioning

HVAC Tape seal any leaks ensure the Air conditioner duct seams and joints are tight. Wrapping the insulation materials of air conditioner duct works.


HVAC tape Selection Manual

HVAC Tape made of Aluminum foil but not only pure foil. Different thickness Aluminum foil as the backing, coating with different pressure-sensitive adhesive.

Synthetic rubber resin adhesive, Also named Hot melt adhesive.

Water-based acrylic adhesive.

Solvent-based acrylic adhesive. 


Tape chart Solvent-based acrylic Water-based acrylic Hot melt
Service temp. -35C, +120C -30C,+120C +10C,+40C
Quick Tack ●● ●●●
Use in extreme temp. ●●● ●●
UV resistant ●●● ●●●
Long shelf life ●●● ●●●
High shear ●●●
Environmental ●●●


The thickness of Aluminum foil backing from 18um to 150um. But the actual common thickness is up to 50um. The thicker the aluminum foil is, the higher the tensile strength of the tape becomes.

But the thicker the foil, the more expensive it is. We usually use reinforced aluminum foil to increase its tensile strength but not much production costs. 

Reinforced aluminum foil tape include:

● FSK tape

● Aluminum foil glass cloth tape

● Foil scrim tape

● PET laminated foil tape


Reinforced Foil tape



Tensile Strength


Price cost
FSK tape 170 120
Foil glass tape 170 255 ●●●
Foil scrim tape 80 100 ●●
PET foil tape 70 175 ●●●●
Pure foil tape 70 45 ●●●●●


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