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HVAC tapes typically consists of a flexible backing material, such as aluminum foil or reinforced foil, coated with a strong adhesive. The backing material is often resistant to moisture, heat, and chemicals, making it suitable for the demanding conditions found in HVAC systems. The adhesive provides a secure bond and helps to maintain the integrity of the seal.

The primary purpose of HVAC tape is to create an airtight seal between ductwork components, such as sections of metal ducts or flexible ducting. By sealing the joints and seams, HVAC tape helps to prevent air leaks, which can result in energy loss, reduced system efficiency, and poor indoor air quality. It can also be used to provide insulation, particularly when applied to ducts in unconditioned spaces.

HVAC Tapes Selection Guide

HVAC tape is available in a variety of types, from different adhesives to different backing materials.

  1. Synthetic rubber resin adhesive, also known as hot melt.
  2. Water based acrylic adhesive.
  3. Solvent-based acrylic adhesive.

The standard HVAC tape is made of pure aluminium foil, the foil thickness from 18um to 150um. But the thicker the foil, the more expensive it is. So the actual common thickness is up to 50um.

We usually use reinforced aluminium foil to increase its tensile strength but not much production cost.

Reinforced Aluminum Foil HVAC Tape

  1. FSK tape
  2. Aluminum foil glass cloth tape
  3. Foil scrim tape
  4. PET laminated foil tape

The table below shows the features of HVAC aluminium foil tapes, as well as the technical information for each type.

Technical Data Sheet

Tape Chart Solvent-based Acrylic Water-based Acrylic Hot Melt
Service Temp. -35C, +120C -30C,+120C +10C,+40C
Quick Tack ●● ●●●
Use in Extreme Temp. ●●● ●●
UV Resistant ●●● ●●●
Long Shelf life ●●● ●●●
High Shear ●●●
Environmental ●●●


Reinforced Foil Tape

Thickness (um)

Tensile Strength (N/25mm)

Price Cost
FSK Tape 170 120
Foil Glass Tape 170 255 ●●●
Foil Scrim Tape 80 100 ●●
PET Foil Tape 70 175 ●●●●
Pure Foil Tape 70 45 ●●●●●
Adhesive Tape Heating

H: Heating

Hot water baseboard hydronic system pipe, geothermal system pipe. HVAC tape used to wrap the insulation materials of heating pipelines. The aluminium foil backing will be good at heat and light reflection.

Adhesive Tape Ventilation

V: Ventilation

Ventilation ducts, Dryer vent, Hood ducts, Air ducts. HVAC tape is used to seal and seam together each of the components of the above duct system, including the air handler, connections, rigid and flexible duct, sheet metal and other materials.

Adhesive Tape Air Conditioning

AC: Air Conditioning

HVAC Tape Seal any leaks to ensure air conditioning ductwork seams and joints are tight. Wrap insulation materials around air conditioning ductwork.


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