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Cloth duct tape is single-faced adhesive tape of PE laminated cloth backing which coated by rubber adhesive (PSA). It is good adhesion allowing it to adhere to a variety of surfaces. Easy hand tearable and resistant low temperature. Cloth tape is use for sealing, packing, label and household repairs. It is a colored cloth tape easy tear by hand.


Cloth duct tape often confused with gaffers tape, HVAC foil tape and anticorrosion tape.


Duct tape: backing coated rubber adhesive, reflective finish and waterproof.

Gaffers tape: cloth backing coated rubber adhesive, matte finish and removable no residue.

HVAC tape: aluminum foil coated acrylic adhesive for heating, ventilation and air conditioning pipe insulation. HVAC foil tapes are useful for sealing heating and air ducts thermal insulation.

Anticorrosion tape: PE backing coated butyl rubber adhesive are use for steel pipe outer wrapping anticorrosion.


Duct Tape Grades :

Military, Industrial, Premium, Commercial


Duct Tape Applications:

Packing tape, Masking tape, Marking tape, Military tape, Repairing tape

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