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Cloth duct tape is single-faced adhesive tape of PE laminated cloth backing which coated by rubber adhesive (PSA). It is good adhesion allowing it to adhere to a variety of surfaces. Easy hand tearable and resistant low temperature. Cloth duct tape has now become multipurpose and is used for general sealing, packing, label and household repairs. Some duct tape can also stick to rough and uneven indoor and outdoor surfaces such as wood, stone, plaster, brick and metal.

Cloth duct tape often confused with gaffers tape, HVAC foil tape and anticorrosion tape.

Duct tape: backing coated rubber adhesive, reflective finish and waterproof.

Gaffers tape: cloth backing coated rubber adhesive, matte finish and removable no residue.

HVAC tape: aluminum foil coated acrylic adhesive for heating, ventilation and air conditioning pipe insulation. HVAC foil tapes are useful for sealing heating and air ducts thermal insulation.

Anticorrosion tape: PE backing coated butyl rubber adhesive are use for steel pipe outer wrapping anticorrosion.

Duct Tape Grades: Military, Industrial, Premium, Commercial

Duct Tape Applications: Packing tape, Masking tape, Marking tape, Military tape, Repairing tape