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Crepe paper masking tape has a crepe textured backing that provides flexibility and conforms to uneven surfaces. It is also designed to remove cleanly without leaving adhesive residue on painted surfaces.

Crepe paper masking tapes have medium tack and holding power. This ensures that the tape remains firmly in place during painting and drying, preventing paint bleed or run-off.

Painting and decorating painter’s tape:

Painters use crepe paper tapes to create clean, crisp lines when painting walls, trim, windows, ceilings or other surfaces. The tape helps to mask areas that should not be painted. There are several different types of SLAA crepe paper tape available, each with its own unique adhesion and recommended use.

Our various types of adhesive can be applied to a wide range of surfaces including tiles, wood, painted walls, wallpaper, metal, glass, concrete, etc.

Automotive paint and refinish masking tape:

High temperature resistance that allows it to be used during the paint curing process without peeling or leaving adhesive residue.

Conformability that allows it to be easily applied to curved surfaces, edges and contours of vehicle parts. This ensures clean, crisp paint lines during the refinishing process.