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Thermal spray masking tape widely used in the aerospace, automotive, healthcare industries. The tape is a valuable tool in thermal spray applications, offering heat resistance, thermal insulation, strong adhesive properties, and versatility for various industrial processes. Its durability, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness make it an essential component in industries that rely on thermal spray technology for surface coating and protection.

1. Heat Resistance: Thermal spray tapes are designed to withstand high temperatures generated during thermal spray processes. It can endure extreme heat without melting or losing its adhesive properties.

2. Thermal Insulation: The tape acts as a thermal barrier, preventing heat transfer to the underlying surfaces or components, thereby protecting them from heat damage.

3. Adhesive Properties: Thermal spray masking tape has strong adhesive properties that allow it to securely bond to surfaces, ensuring that it stays in place during thermal spray applications.

4. Customizable Width and Length: Thermal spray tapes are available in various widths and lengths to accommodate different application requirements. It can be cut and customized to fit specific surface areas.

5. Easy Application: The tape is easy to apply and remove, making it convenient for use in thermal spray processes. It adheres well to surfaces and can be easily peeled off after use.

6. Non-Flammable: Thermal spray masking tape is non-flammable, ensuring safety during thermal spray processes where high temperatures are involved.

Technical data sheet

Product code Carrier Adhesive Roll size



Temperature resistant °C
Material Color Thickness
Roll size
ML830 Glass cloth White Silicone 0.3 975mmx33m 13 11 1200
ML850 Glass cloth Blue Silicone 0.5 975mmx33m 12 10 1200
ML860 Glass cloth Red Silicone 0.6 975mmx33m 12 10 1200
ML827 Aluminum foil + Glass cloth Silver Silicone 0.19 975mmx33m 11 12 800
832-30W Glass cloth White Silicone 0.3 1020mmx33m 11 11 800
ML850-AS Aluminum foil + Glass cloth White Silicone 0.65 500mmx33m 12 8 300
ML830-DS Glass cloth White Double sided Silicone 0.6 970mmx33m 19 2.7 300