Painter’s Tape

Japanese paper tape (Washi tape) for painters masking is Painter’s masking tape. The painter’s tapes for clean lines, also named Fine line tape. A excellent Painters tape can create perfect lines on nearly any surface.

  • Painter’s Tape Introduction

The painter’s tape has good adhesion and good release without damaging surfaces.

The painter’s tape has a 14-day clean removal, meaning it won’t leave residue behind.



Washi tape


← acrylic glue

← Yellow colored Japanese paper

←  Release agent



method by JIS Z 0237

Thickness       0.085mm

Adhesion       1.40 N/cm

Tesile Strength  37.50 N/cm

Elongation      4.0%



Automotive painting protection Temperature Resistant up to 220°C. Free Residue, Auto Painting, Car Automotive Masking Tape. Paper Masking tape, for vehicle painting Yellow color.

Building exterior painting – use painter’s masking tape to mask off glass, window frames, door frames, and other building components located in direct sunlight.

Building interior tile and hardwood floors – When painting interior baseboard, mask off wall trim floors, windows and other objects. painter’s masking tape has a cleaner release and provides better protection. Painter’s masking tape also helps you create smooth lines.



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