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Water soluble adhesive and liner: Both the adhesive and backing of the tape are made from materials that dissolve readily in water and decompose during the paper recycling process.

Strong initial bond: Although repulpable, these tapes provide strong initial adhesion to a variety of paper surfaces, ensuring secure splicing or joining of paper rolls.

Variety of types: These tapes are available in different widths, thicknesses and strengths to suit different splicing requirements and paper types. The tape offers low splice thickness and high heat resistance up to 200°C.

Environmentally friendly: By preventing contamination and enabling efficient paper recycling, these tapes contribute to a more sustainable paper production process.

Repulpable Tape Applications:

Tapes include single sided tape and double sided tape. Can be used for splicing in paper production and use of paper rolls.

Single sided tape used in General purpose tape for manual splice roll changes and fixing roll ends. Butt splices, core starting, end taping.

Double sided tape used in overlap splicing, manual splices, core starting, and roll finishing applications.

Repulpable Tape Type: