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Water-soluble adhesive and backing: Both the adhesive and the backing of the tape are made from materials that readily dissolve in water and decompose during the paper recycling process.
Strong initial bond: Despite being repulpable, these tapes offer a strong initial adhesion to various paper surfaces, ensuring secure splicing or joining of paper rolls.
Variety of types: Repulpable tapes come in different widths, thicknesses, and strengths to suit various splicing needs and paper types. Tape provides low splicing thickness and high heat resistance up to 200 °C.
Environmentally friendly: By avoiding contamination and enabling efficient paper recycling, these tapes contribute to a more sustainable paper production process.


Repulpable Tapes Applications:

The tapes include single side tape and double-sided tape. Can be used for splicing in paper production and usage of paper rolls.

Tape used at paper mills, newspapers, web printers to join 2 rolls of paper to increase the length or provide continuity of substrate. So the Tape also named Splice Tapes or Repulpable Splicing Tapes.


Repulpable Tapes Type:

Single-side Repulpable Tape
Double-side Repulpable Tape
Flying splice Repulpable Tape

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