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Aluminum foil tape is a adhesive tape use for HVAC. Different thickness aluminum foil as the backing, coating with different pressure-sensitive adhesive.


The thickness of aluminum foil backing from 18um to 150um. But the actual common thickness is up to 50um. The thicker the aluminum foil is, the higher the tensile strength of the tape becomes.


But the thicker the foil, the more expensive it is. We usually use reinforced foil to increase its tensile strength but not much production costs.


Reinforced foil tapes include:
FSK tape
Aluminum foil glass cloth tape
Foil scrim tape
PET laminated foil tape


The main application of foil tape is related to HVAC duct works. Foil tape used as Air conditioner tape, Air duct tape. It will be provide an excellent barrier to UV heat conduction.

It used as Vent tape, Ventilation tape, Range hood tape. It will be provide an excellent barrier to vapor and conform to irregular surfaces.

It used as Thermal insulation tape, it will be used for shielding and covering thermal insulation.

Thickness of the Pure Aluminum foil tape usually used:

Water-based Acrylic adhesive, Solvent-based Acrylic adhesive, Synthetic Rubber Resin adhesive(Hot melt glue)

Foil backing thickness Total Thickness with glue
Micron Micron
18 25
22 55
25 60
30 70
40 80
50 90

Reinforced foil tape usually used:

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