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Carpet tape, also known as carpet adhesive or double-sided carpet tape, is a strong adhesive tape used to secure carpets or rugs to various types of flooring surfaces, such as wood, tile, or concrete.

Carpet tape is commonly used in homes, offices, and other commercial settings where carpets or rugs need to be held securely in place to prevent slipping or tripping hazards.

It consists of a thin layer of adhesive on both sides of a flexible backing material, which allows it to adhere to both the carpet and the floor. It can be easily removed without leaving residue, making it a popular choice for temporary installations or for situations where carpets may need to be frequently replaced.

Structure of Carpet Tapes

Carpet tape’s carrier are available in Cotton cloth, PET scrim, Fiber glass.

Carpet tape’s adhesive are available in a comprehensive range of adhesive technologies, including: High adhesion rubber, modified acrylic, pure acrylic, HPA (High performance acrylic), LOW VOC and high performance acrylic.