Shengli Abrasive & Adhesive SLAA is a cloth adhesive tape supplier from china, professional manufacture and convert cloth adhesive tape. Started from 2010, we have over 10 years experience converting the rubber adhesive cloth tape, specially for gaffers tape, spike tape, chroma key tapes.


We also supply natural rubber adhesive cloth tape, duct Tape, masking tape, fine line painters tape, masking film for painting masker.


Masking Tape: clean removal for long period without residue.


Fine line painters tape: should be the masking tape for perfect crisp lines.


Masking Film: Pre-folded masking film and Pre-taped masking film are easy masker protection for house paint, flooring, construction, marine, automobile paint.


Shengli Abrasive & Adhesive SLAA also supply HVAC tape with acrylic adhesive, HVAC tape with rubber adhesive, HVAC duct tape, aluminum foil tape, thermal insulation tape, HVAC aluminum foil Tape. We supply Laminated Insulation facing use for HVAC systems: Smooth shiny aluminum foil, black lacquer aluminum foil, White lacquer aluminum foil, FSK, Foil-scrim-kraft PSK, white PP-scrim-kraft, foil mesh, aluminum-glass cloth.

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