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Professional Pre-taped Masking Film Application Techniques

Posted on October 2nd, 2022

1.Direct Masking

Apply tape directly to a clean, dry surface with or without gross masking film or paper.
Do not tape over freshly painted surfaces. SLAA Pre-taped Masking film can trap solvents and cause imprinting or ghosting.

Masking Film Used for Direct Masking

2.Double Stick Offset Masking

Overlap two tapes adhesive side to adhesive side with edges offset so that adhesive is exposed on both sides. SLAA Pre-taped masking film can then be applied first in production and then a gross mask added later.

Masking Film Used for Double Stick Offset Masking

The technique can also fill gaps. For example, SLAA pre-taped masking film is first applied to the edge of a desk and hangs inside an opened drawer. When the drawer is closed the tape seals the gap.

Pre-Taped Masking Film

3.Inside Out Masking

Apply tape to the inside of a frame such as a window, leaving some of the adhesive side overhanging into the opening. Apply gross SLAA pre taped masking film to the exposed adhesive.

Pre Taped Masking Film Used for Window

4.Spiral or Twist Masking

This technique helps prevent paint blow bye into gaps such as door jambs. With adhesive side out, twist the tape back onto itself creating a cylinder with an adhesive exterior. Press the cylinder into a gap or close the door on it.

Masking Film for Spiral or Twist Masking


5.Feathered Edge Masking

A feathered paint edge provides a very low profile that is usually covered with a decorative tape. The SLAA masking film after application appears smooth with no visible ridge from a paint edge.

To create a feathered edge, fold up one tape edge. Spray paint from an angle that does not allow the paint to go directly under the folded edge.


Pre-taped Masking Film for Feathered Edge Masking

Auto Paint Used Pre-taped Masking Film

6.Reverse Masking in Large Areas

For two-tone applications over large areas, this technique involves sealing the ends or flaps of large masking bags or sheets.

1).Apply SLAA pre-taped masking film to the painted surface to establish the break line for the second color that will be added over the first color.

2).Prepare a 6″ high gross mask of paper or film with SLAA pre-taped masking film overhanging the top and bottom edges.

3.Apply one edge over the fine line tape. The crepe edge is set back from the edge of the fine line tape. The other edge of the gross mask is an unattached flap at this point.

4).The primary color will be protected with a masking bag or large sheets of gross SLAA Pre-taped Masking film. Tuck the bag or sheet edges behind the flap of the 6″ mask and press the flap firmly in place.

5).Tape down all loose flaps.

Masking Film for Large Areas Reverse Masking

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