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Brown BOPP tape is made from biaxial oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film. The special molecular structure and the resin stabilization of polypropylene offer excellent mechanical and optical properties. Its rugged structure and high tensile strength make it the ideal material for packaging and labeling. BOPP brown packing tape is also resistant to abrasion, moisture and various chemical solvents. The brown bopp tape is easy to coat, print and even to laminate, which make it ideal for the manufacture of custom packaging tape.

Brown BOPP packing tapes are coated with different types of adhesive. The most commonly used are hot melt synthetic rubber and acrylic. Hot melt adhesives are one of the most widely used because of the consistent, reliable and quick seals. This kind of adhesive quickly bonds to the surface and offers high tensile strength, which make it one of the best choices for securing shipment. The brown BOPP tape could adhere well to various surfaces including film and fiberboard.

Acrylic adhesives are another good option. They do not bond as quickly as hot melt adhesives (it has decent initial adhesion but it features gradual adhesion buildup that require around 24 hours to achieve maximum bond strength), but they have better heat, UV and shear resistance. This type of adhesive is recommended for heady-duty and long-term packaging.

Packing Tape Applications:

Brown BOPP tape is specially used for carton sealing, it can also be used for gift packaging, the packing of all kinds of goods, etc. Stick smooth, convenient, not easy to fall off. You can choose different width and thickness of the tape according to the weight of the product.

Tape Technical Data:


Brown BOPP Packing Tape


10mm,24mm,45mm,48mm,50mm, etc.




35-65 micron


Clear, transparent, crystal clear, brown, colorful ect., or as required.


Acrylic glue Based


6 Rolls/shrink,36/48/72rolls per carton, Possibility to personalize the boxes with printing.

Core size

76mm paper core.


Accept; Logo printed on paper core or others customized design