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The specific application method of leather splicing tape in leather production: Use to Splice release paper, Use to splice casting paper. Release paper and Casting paper are used in the making of synthetic leather creating a full range of excellent embossing patterns. There are 2 tapes used for splicing Casting paper. Lower Tape Used for Back Splice, Upper Tape Used for Top Splice.

Application method of leather splicing tape in leather production
Upper Leather Splicing Tape

Upper tape use for top splice No.A101

  • This leather splicing tape based on a PET film coating with high temperature silicone adhesive. The adhesive is clear or red color and have good adhesion on a release surface.
  • Release paper splicing tapes available for the top splice have a special release coat on the tapes surface which ensures easy removal of the synthetic leather from the splice.
  • Leather Splicing Tape withstand the temperature conditions encountered in the production of synthetic leather and will last through six or seven production cycles.
  • What this means is that the tape can go through the production process 6-7 times, so when the casting paper is reused, the tape can also be reused too.

PET Splicing tape

Tape Structure:


PET Splicing Tape Structure


Tape Properties:


 Thickness  0.085mm
 Adhesion  11 N/25mm
 Tesile Strength  57 N/cm
 Elongation  115%
 Color  Red
 Max Temperature  220°C

Lower tape use for back splice No.A102

  • Based on a Kraft paper carrier coating with Acrylic adhesive.
  • This casting paper splicing tape used to butt splice, in production of Synthetic leather. It can be used as a back splice for splicing casting/release papers (on the non-release side).
  • The Leather splicing tape offers outstanding adhesion to casting papers for both PU and PVC synthetic leather production and will withstand the demanding temperature requirements encountered in this industry.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Casting leather;
  • Polyurethane (PU) synthetic leather;
  • Semi-PU synthetic leather (PU/PVC combination synthetic leather).
Lower Leather Splicing Tape

Kraft paper Splicing tape

Tape Structure:


Kraft paper Splicing Tape Structure


Tape Characteristic/Use:


  • Splicing low energy surfaces
  • Splicing release paper or film
  • High temperature resistant
  • Excellent adhesion

Tape Properties:


 Thickness  0.14mm
 Adhesion  9.8 N/25mm
 Tesile Strength  49N/cm
 Elongation  9%
 Color  Brown
 Max Temperature  200°C