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Road marking tape provide excellent reflectivity, prolonged durability and positive guidance for the motoring public. These marking tapes are heating-applied, preformed materials that are supplied in continuous rolls of various lengths and widths.Advantage over sprayed or extruded materials ,they do not require expensive application equipment or experienced operators to install, and require no drying or curing time.Synthetic rubber sheet backing without adhesive and heating by gas burners melt adhesive application.


Reflective Properties: Road marking tapes are equipped with glass beads, that enhance visibility in low-light conditions by reflecting light from vehicle headlights.

Durability: the tape is designed to withstand heavy traffic, UV exposure, weather elements, and other environmental factors to maintain visibility and integrity over time.

Adhesive Backing: The tape typically features a strong adhesive backing that allows for easy application to various surfaces, such as asphalt, concrete, or pavement, ensuring a secure and long-lasting bond.

Quick Installation: Compared to traditional painted road markings, road marking tape can be applied quickly and easily, reducing downtime and traffic disruptions during installation.

Cost-Effective: Road marking tape can be a cost-effective alternative to paint for road markings, as it requires less maintenance and offers long-term durability.

Tape Structure:

Yellow Road Marking Tape Structure

Tape Characteristic/Use:

  • Retro-reflective marking tape
  • Heat with burner
  • Handy work. Avoid the waste for time and cost
  • For traffic road, factory, car parking/Compartment line.
  • Marking Number/Letter/Log
  • Color : White and Yellow

Marking Tape Properties:



 Tensile strength

 31.0 N/cm

 Resistant attrition rate

 45 mg

 Reflecting power


Marking Tape Installation:

Road Marking Tape Installation