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Refrigerator aluminum tape is an important component of many refrigeration systems. It provides a reliable and durable seal, preventing air leaks and improving energy efficiency. Refrigerator aluminum tape helps to keep the refrigerator or freezer cold by preventing air from escaping and by sealing out moisture. The aluminum foil backing of the tape helps to reflect heat and cold, making it suitable for use in temperature-sensitive environments like refrigerators.

Refrigerator aluminium foil tape no liner don’t need to tear off the release paper liner during use, reduce operation time. So most of refrigerator factory use self wound aluminum foil tape. The aluminium foil tape without liner is a bright, soft temper aluminium foil, with a pressure sensitive adhesive. Foil is treated on one side with silicone for easy release on unwind.

Aluminum Foil Tape Applications:

Usually in the refrigeration market, aluminum foil tape are used to attach tubes, channels or coils expanding the area of thermal exchange.

Aluminum Foil Tape Features:

  • It will be offer good tack and adhesion to width range of temperature (from -30 degrees to 150 degrees).
  • Acrylic adhesive aluminium foil tape refrigeration will be good aging stability, high resistance to UV, ozone and humidity, best useful in long-term, outdoor applications.

Tape Properties:





Backing Thickness

40 Micron


PSTC-133 / ASTM D 3652

Total Thickness


3.2 Mil

PSTC-133 / ASTM D 3652

Adhesion to Steel



PSTC-101 / ASTM D 3330

Tensile Strength

55 N/25mm


PSTC-131 / ASTM D 3759




PSTC-131 / ASTM D 3759

Service Temperature

-20℃ to +80℃

-4℉ to +176℉


Applying Temperature

-10℃ to +40℃

+50℉ to +105℉


Tape Roll Size:

Finish Roll:

50mm x 50m 2” x 55yds
75mm x 50m 3” x 55yds
Log Roll: 1020mm x 50m
Jumbo Roll: 1020mm x 3000m