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Tarpaulin repair tape is the most efficient tape for the repair of small holes and rips on tarps. Tent tarpaulin repair tapes has a backing that’s made of knife scraper fiberglass cloth materials. The backing materials that is very sturdy and able to hold together most types of tarp materials.

Also, tarpaulin tape has a high tolerance for humidity; therefore, even when the tarp is rained on or used in wet applications. It can be able to endure and hold the tarp together for long periods.


Tarpaulin Tape Application:

Tarpaulin tape is a special tape for tarpaulin, widely used to repair rips and tears on tarps, join tarps together or to reinforce weak points, tarp tape is tough and hardy.

Tape Features:

  • Good adhesion, aging resistance, waterproof and sun protection.
  • Strong adhesion, the longer the time, the stronger the adhesion of the polymer.
  • Long-lasting stickiness and tear resistance.

Tape Technical Data:


PE + Fiberglass Cloth




Blue, Green




5cm, 8cm, Customized Width


5m, 7.5m, Customized Length

Initial Tack

≥ 10#

180 Peel Strength

≥ 30N/25mm

Tensile Strength

≥ 32N/cm


≥ 15%

Long Term Temp.

-30℃ – 120 ℃