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The water based Acrylic adhesive has good release without damaging surfaces. The yellow painters tape has a 60 days clean removal, meaning it won’t leave residue behind. This prevents paint bleed and delivers the sharp paint line performance you expect from the painting job. This premium adhesive that is recommended for cured painted walls and trim, glass and metal.

Painters Tape Yellow

Tape Application

  • Building exterior painting

    Use yellow painters tape to mask off glass, window frames, door frames, and other building components located in direct sunlight.

  • Building interior tile and hardwood floors

    When painting interior baseboard, mask off wall trim floors, windows and other objects. The yellow painters tape has a cleaner release and provides better protection.

  • The yellow painter’s tape for wall masking when spraying lacquer

    Painter’s tape usually more resistant to UV rays and sunlight and better protects wall’s surfaces. It is the best tape for painting straight lines, creating a tight seal. But some painters tape will damage the already painted wall after peel off.

Why some Painter’s tape damage the Nitro lacquer finish wall?

When you masked off some areas on the wall sprayed with latex paint, maybe you left the tape on overnight.

When you see the result, The wall has distinct lines and mottling in the nitro where the tape had resided.

The chemical in the tape has reacted with the Nitro.

The tape’s adhesive has migrated into the nitro lacquer, swelling the finish under the tape.

SLAA Washi paper tape is a safe painters tape for nitro finish. It is Painters masking tape DON NOT damage to Nitrocellulose Lacquer.

Tapes Features

  • Excellent adhesion to metal, rubber, plastic and fiberglass.
  • Compatible with various solvents and wate-based paints.
  • Clean, flat edges for clean and precise paint lines.
  • 6 months indoor clean removal.
  • 3 months UV & Water Resistant.
  • Painters tape for wall DON NOT damage to Nitrocellulose Lacquer.
Yellow Tape for Painting

Technical Data Sheet

Adhesive Type: Water-based acrylic adhesive.

Medium adhesion: Yellow painters tape has a medium-high adhesion level that tends to stick well to various surfaces and remove reliably.

Backing / Carrier: Yellow washi paper

Total Thickness: 92 µm

MD tensile strenght: 30 N/cm

MD elongation at break: 3.5%

Adhesion to steel plate: 1.4N/cm

Service temperature: up to 80°C

Regular Packing

Roll size

Rolls / Carton

Rolls / Shrink polybag

 Shrink polybag / Carton

19mm x 50m




25mm x 50m




30mm x 50m




38mm x 50m




50mm x 50m