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The water based Acrylic adhesive has good release without damaging surfaces. The yellow painters tape has a 60 days clean removal, meaning it won’t leave residue behind. This prevents paint bleed and create the sharp paint line performance you expect from the painting job. This premium adhesive that is recommended for cured painted walls and trim, glass and metal.

Painters Tape Yellow

Paintter's Tape Applications

Yellow painter’s tape is the most used product in preparing before painting job. Yellow painter’s tape is the brightest shade than other colors tape, the most clearly visible as it stands out on most surfaces. It is used in all low-visibility contexts, for signals and professional clothing in night jobs or foggy conditions.

    • Yellow painter’s tape for Building paint masking

      Use yellow painters tape to mask off walls, glass, window frames, door frames, trim, floors, interior baseboard and other building components.

    • Yellow masking tape for automotive

      The yellow masking tape has high temperature resistant performance. It withstand the extreme temperature of drying cycles in the booth without losing its adhesive power or sticking too much to the paint.

      It’s excellent conformability can be often used to protect small or irregular surfaces such as headlights and taillights, rearview mirrors, door handles and so on.

Why some Painter’s tape damage the Nitro lacquer finish wall?

When you masked off some areas on the wall sprayed with latex paint, maybe you left the tape on overnight.

When you see the result, The wall has distinct lines and mottling in the nitro where the tape had resided.

The chemical in the tape has reacted with the Nitro.

The tape's adhesive has migrated into the nitro lacquer, swelling the finish under the tape.

SLAA Washi paper tape is a safe painters tape for nitro finish. It is Painters masking tape DON NOT damage to Nitrocellulose Lacquer.