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Black gaffers tape is a cloth tape with an excellent matte finish. The tape was especially designed for the arts and entertainment industry. Matte black gaffer tape consists of a PE-coated 80-mesh fabric backing coated with a pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive. The combination between the very matte surface of the backing and the black adhesive makes it the ideal tape for subtle applications on stages.

Matte gaffer tape features light-absorbing, non-reflective, good adhesion, even on rough surfaces, abrasion resistant, water repellent, conformable, easy to remove, and provides a very good protection from dust and dirt. Black gaffers tape use on stage, provide black edges to tables, chairs, and other props. In Film Industry, television, motion pictures, concerts, and live shows, use it to fix cables, carpets and other short-term set-ups.

Gaffer Tape Feature:

  • Has a matte backing to prevent light reflection;
  • Is designed for temporary adhesion applications;
  • Can be removed cleanly without damage or adhesive residue;
  • Available in a selection of colors to blend effortlessly into background.

Gaffer Tape Applications:

On stages, using black gaffers tape can provide black edges to tables, chairs, and other props; It can be used to hide cables from the view of the audience or camera; and soften clattering noises of shoes on stage; and it is used to fasten props on shelves in a moving set.

On-stage/back-stage taping in theatre, opera, cinema and music halls to prevent reflection of light, splicing of dance floors, securing of cables, fixing or holding of wires and cables on stages or on film sets, covering of shiny and glossy surfaces, and sealing of joints. 

Available Colors:

  • Matte Black

Tape Roll Size:

25mm x 25m @60Rolls/Carton
50mm x 25m @30Rolls/Carton
1” x 18 yds @60 Rolls/Carton
2” x 18 yds @30 Rolls/Carton

Tape Technical Data:

Total thickness ( mm ) 0.3
Peel adhesion ( kg/25mm ) 0.8
Rewinding force ( kg/50mm ) 4
Tensile strength ( kg/25mm ) 16
Holding power ( 25mm x 25mm / 40℃ ) 60mins
Ball tack ( cm / Ball No. 20 ) 10
Temperature resistance 1h/℃ –35 / up to +90
Storage life ( 20℃ / 60% ) 12 months

Tape Structure: