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Blue heavy washi paper painters tape are coating with Water-based acrylic adhesive. The Washi paper backing that’s easy to tear with your hands or write on. The blue painters tape has a medium adhesion level that tends to stick well to various surfaces and remove reliably. It adheres without fault to smooth and irregular surfaces such as walls, skirting boards, trims, wood and metals. It offers enough holding power for use with masking paper or film.


Blue painters tape assures a clean and easy removal within 7 days. The painters tape performs in overlapping the tape, with masking paper and masking film with excellent holding power.

Exterior Blue Painters Tape

Painter's Tape Applications

  • Masking for Painting, Interior painting, Exterior painting, Paint Preparation Masking.

  • Use on surfaces: Use on multiple surfaces such as smooth or lightly textured walls, trim, baseboards, tile, and glass.

  • Blue painters tape used for paint masking for walls. Before Interior painting or Exterior painting, you may mask along baseboards, skirting boards, or windows. The painters tape guarantees crisp, fine lines edges.

  • When you need to mask larger areas of floors, the painters tape can be pre-taped on one end of the masking film or of the masking paper. Check more information about our products: Pre-taped masking film

Painter's Tape Features

  • Days clean removal: Blue painters tape can stay on surfaces for 14 days interior and 7 days exterior. It can removes easily without leaving any sticky residue behind.
  • Temperature-Resistant: Up to 60°C.
  • UV-Resistant: Outdoor painting masking clean removal for up to 3 days.
Blue Tape for Painting

Blue painters tape better than masking tape for painting walls

  • The painters tape have thinner backing and better conformable than masking tape.
  • The painters tape will leave clean fine line after painting remove.
  • The masking tape features a sticky adhesive that bleeds when removed.
  • The painters tape does not bleed and removes cleanly without a sticky residue.
  • Painters tape can stay on surfaces up to 14 days to 90 days. But masking tape removes after 7 days maybe leaving sticky residue behind.

Technical Data Sheet

Adhesive Type: Water-based acrylic adhesive

Medium adhesion: Blue painters tape has a medium adhesion level that tends to stick well to various surfaces and remove reliably

Backing / Carrier: Blue washi paper

Total Thickness: 120 µm

MD tensile strenght: 38 N/cm

MD elongation at break: 7%

Adhesion to steel plate: 2.1N/cm

Service temperature: up to 60°C

Regular Packing

Roll size

Rolls / Carton

Rolls / Shrink  polybag

 Shrink polybag / Carton

19mm x 50m




25mm x 50m




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50mm x 50m