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Car paint masking film is made of clear HDPE protective sheet, treated to ensure paint adhesion of both solvent and waterborne paints specific for vehicle painting jobs. As the HDPE film materials, it has excellent resistance and tensile strength. When use it for automotive painting in spray booths, it can also withstand high temperatures for short time. It has an electrostatic charge to attract the film on to the automotive body surface for a safe application. It has centered printing to help with alignment.


Saves time: Using masking film can speed up the masking process compared to traditional masking methods like tape and paper.
Provides clean lines: Masking film helps create sharp, clean paint lines without the risk of paint bleeding or overspray.
Protects surfaces: The film protects surfaces from paint overspray, reducing the need for cleanup and potential damage to the vehicle.


Before painting, the car paint masking film is applied to the areas that need to be protected, such as windows, trim, or emblems.
The film is carefully pressed down to ensure good adhesion and to create a tight seal to prevent paint from seeping underneath.
Once the painting is complete, the film is removed to reveal the clean, painted surface underneath.

Masking Film Features:

Delivery effective protection.
Light an easy to dispose.
Guarantee outstanding conformable to the vehicle surfaces.
Provide easy roll release and fast application.

Masking Film Size:

Product Code

Size Width X Length

Thickness mic



3800mm X 200m

17, 20

1 Roll / PE bag


4000mm X 200m

17, 20

1 Roll / PE bag