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Holding tape has a durable PET film carrier, it is thinner and high tensile strength.

The adhesive provides strong adhesion without leaving leaving residue.

When sticking, the moving parts can be kept stable without failing.

When peeled off there will be no residue to contaminate the surface.

PET Masking Tape

Masking Tape Application

  • Fixed moving parts of refrigerator, fixed electrical appliances, packing and binding of building materials, office equipment during transportation.

Masking Tapes Features

  • Blue polyester film with high tensile strength.
  • With silicone coating on PET backing for easy unwind.
  • Tear-resistance is for strong holding.
  • Coated with high performance natural rubber adhesive.
  • Rubber adhesive has good bonding, removes without residue.
  • Blue or transparent color is available.
  • Good aging resistance for low temperature or high temperature use.
  • After removal, no adhesive residual on surface.
Strong Holding Tape

Technical Data Sheet

PET film thickness:


Tape thickness:

180° Peel Adhesion: 12 N/25mm
Tensile Strength: 75 N/25mm
Elongation at Break: 140.00%