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PE cloth masking tape including painter’s tape and temporary fix tape.

PE cloth masking tape is commonly used to cover areas which shouldn’t be painted when painting and create a straight edge, sometimes also named fine line tape.

Temporary fix tape is use for fixing, binding, sealing, or mending. PE masking tape are easily removed tape less adhesive residual.

Masking Tape Features:

  • PE cloth masking tape's backing softer and thinner than cotton cloth tape, can fit perfectly on the masking surface. 
  • The flat yarns cloth easy tear by hand with linear fracture.
  • Leaves clean fine lines after painting.
  • Rare adhesive residue for long time paint masking.
  • Fairly anti-solvent and anti-UV, Waterproof.

Tape Application:

  • Great for painting window frames because PE masking tape comes off glass cleanly and easily.
  • Heavy rust proof paint masking for bridge construction.
  • Fixing of construction curing sheet to floor.

Tape Structure:

PE Cloth Masking Tape Structure