Masking Film

Pre-folded Masking Film

Pre-Folded Masking Film

Pre-Folded (High Density / Low Density), Multi-folded in a way;

Flake resistant for Multiple coat use, Resists most solvents;

Protect for paint overspray and pollution, Overspray clings to surface;

Non-porous film for paint masking, Used windows, doors, floors and tubs;

Fully electrostatic treatment corona treatment enables a strong paint adhesion.

Unique manufacturing process assures continuity of the soft edge thus eliminating the chance of the folded edge sticking to the masking tape.

  • Introduction

For quality pre-folded masking film manufacturer, Shengli Abrasive & Adhesive provide the greatest value in quality masking protection for commercial painting, decorating and D.I.Y.
SLAA Masking film are Professional protection for all painting, construction and remodeling jobs.

Pre-folded film is a new, multi-layer high-density polyethylene film specially designed for painting, construction, remodeling and home improvement projects

SLAA Masking film clings to virtually any surface with minimal or no taping required. The outer surface of SLAA Masking film has been tested to retain dust 3 ½  times better than most plastic drop cloths.  Dust, paint, sawdust and other airborne particles cling to the SLAA Masking film surface and are not reintroduced to the area during repositioning or cleanup.  That means less clean up time, lower costs and higher profits.



Product Code


Carton Qty

Imperial Size


610mm X 50m

20 Rolls

24″ x 54 Yards


1210mm X 50m

12 Rolls

48″ x 54 Yards


1810mm X 25m

12 Rolls

72″ x 54 Yards


2410mm X 25m

12 Rolls

96″ x 27 Yards


4200 mm X 120m

1 Rolls

166″ x 196 yards


4800 mm X 120m

1 Rolls

189″ x 196 yards


5000 mm X 120m

1 Rolls

196″ x 196 yards


Film material: 12 micron thickness, HDPE, LDPE

Color: Translucent

High Temperature Paint Masking Film

Translucent, 300mm x 500m x 0.05mm, 3 Rolls per case Boxed

Translucent, polypropylene film. High performance, high temperature, gross masking film for masking cars and trucks during OEM painting and repairing. Can be dispensed using existing apron tapers.


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