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PVC fineline masking tape is a special masking tape used in automotive painting applications where a clean and precise paint line is required. This type of tape is made with a SPVC backing, which provides good conformability and flexibility, allowing it to conform to curves and contours without wrinkling or tearing.

The name of “fineline tape” refers to the tape’s ability to create a very thin and precise paint line. This is achieved through the use of a Rubber adhesive that provides good adhesion, yet can be removed cleanly without leaving residue or damaging the underlying surface.

PVC fineline masking tape is typically available in a range of widths, from narrow strips to wider rolls, to suit different application needs. It is also available in different grades, with some tapes having higher temperature resistance or longer aging characteristics than others.

Overall, PVC fineline masking tape is a useful tool for achieving clean and precise paint lines in automotive painting and other applications where a high degree of accuracy is required.

Fineline Masking Tape

PVC Fineline Masking Tape Features

  • PVC Film as Tape’s Carrier: Tough and conformable, Moisture and solvent resistant, Crisp, fineline edge, Printable and die-cuttable.
  • Rubber Based Adhesive: Excellent high temperature performance, Good adhesion to smooth and rough surfaces, easy to peel off without residue.
  • Clean-cut Plastic Core: Recyclable and clean – no dust or contaminants.
Masking Tape Fine Line

Masking Tape Technical Data Sheet

Total Thickness:


Tensile Strength:


Elongation at Break:


Adhesion to Steel:


Temperature Resistance:

170℃, 1 hour